Sunday, 7 October 2012

Apparently Christmas is coming!

It seems that no matter how much you bury your head in the mistletoe, Christmas still arrives in December every year! If you make your own Christmas cards, you really need to start earlier than October but for me this is positively early and may even mean I manage to make more than just two cards this year! I've always been rather put out at the materialism of the festive season causing decorations to appear in the shops earlier every year. However, I have realised that you do need to acknowledge it earlier than December if you want some homemade elements!
I've seem some people in the crafting world make a point of creating 5 cards a month throughout the year and may even adopt this policy next year myself, but this year alas I've actually only just made my second card! I had better get a move on and make it at least 3 by the end of today!

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