Wednesday, 9 July 2014

I Have A 21 Year Old Son!

When did that happen? Where did the time go? It doesn't feel like 5 minutes ago that we lived in Perham Down in Hampshire and were trying for a baby, doing hopeful pregnancy tests at the chemist with negative results. Again and again and again....  for four years in fact, although they lessened as we started to think we were never going to have children and were by then living in Berlin.
But we did get pregnant. And we ended up with two beautiful boys within 17 months of each other!
The first was Joshua and he came along 21 years ago today. My heart almost bursts with love and pride at the wonderful young man he is and the delightful baby and little boy he always was. He was even an ok teen generally speaking! Of course, he had his moments! Stomping on stairs is the main thing that comes to mind!
Of course, at 21 he no longer knows it all, but he is a pretty level headed young man and advises his mum and dad on things at times!  We actually get quite amazed at the wisdom he has imparted to us!
Anyway, Happy Birthday to my firstborn!

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