Monday, 16 April 2012


First card; Creative Elements
3 Scallops of Ice Cream, and a cherry please!

When I first booked Popins Tea Rooms with Margaret for my first card class, it felt like it was so far ahead in the future, but as always, I'm looking back on it as if it was ages ago already.  My, how time flies when you have fun! Whilst I had planned on being so well organised and spent an entire week crafting before hand, it seems that I spent more time playing and making cards to sell than I did on actually planning the cards we would make at the class.  I was determined I wasn't going to be up late, but alas, as Paul and I fell into bed at 2.30am, I was wondering how on earth I would manage to get my head off the pillow again the next morning.  But excitement got the better of me and I was up and ready to go in plenty of time!
Four punches, 2 Stamps!
I had three lovely ladies come along to the class and a lovely little lady too!  We ended up in the actual cafe upstairs instead of in the cellar as planned as there were only 4 of us;  usually Margaret at Popins is very quiet on a Friday afternoon but on this occasion it was quite busy.  At one point we had to move our things  from a spare table to make room for some folks requiring refreshment of the coffee variety making for a lovely atmosphere with the buzz of chatter and light banter.  There was plenty of coffee, tea and chatter from our tables too and everyone left rather happy with their makes.
I came home to a Mr UPS missed parcel card - disaster - until I read it and saw that my very kind neighbours had taken it in for me! All my new goodies from the new Summer Mini Catalogue were here and ready to get me inspired for my next card class!  I've not had a chance to play yet as it has been Paul's long weekend off and we've spent time together rather than me off crafting the whole time.  My next class is booked and planning in process (earlier this time!)!  Check out my card class page for more information and do contact me if you would like to book yourself a place. 


  1. Hi Karen, sounds like it was a great success and the cards look lovely. xx

  2. Thanks Tina, we did have fun so I guess that does make it a success! I couldn't believe how tired I was on Saturday. It was probably all the emotional energy involved, hoping it would go well. Good to breath out and know people had a good time!

  3. Hi Karen , Your blog is looking fab , I've got something for you to make it even better :) See my blog for details xxx

    1. Oh wow, thank you sooo much Nic! I love your blog and I adore your name for it! It's very you!!!

      Thank you for visiting my blog and your encouragement!