Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Stamping; With Love!


In December my husband was spending whole evenings being very secretive on the computer, but being the lead up to Christmas I guessed that I ought not ask too many questions!  As it happens he was trying to ask me questions about certain preferences I had so it became clear that he was trying to design a stamp for the back of my cards.  I had to trust that he knew my tastes well enough to make one I liked.

Christmas Day came and I was thrilled with it!  Well done Paul! He put together the fact that I love hearts and that I also love postage stamp stamps and here you can see the result of that combination! 

It just so happens that the stamp fits perfectly inside the 1 3/4 inch Scallop Circle Punch by Stampin'Up!  If you put the punched circle back into the punch and line it up in the centre of each scallop and punch again you get the effect as shown in the picture above.  A bit fiddly but worth the effort as you get a lovely natural looking sunflower effect.

The great thing about having a punch like this one is that you can colour the ink to suit the card.  Some of the personal stamp designs you can get are pre-inked so not as versatile!  This stamp was adapted from a design Paul found on Etsy with a lady called Simone from DesignKandy in the U.S.  Alternatively there are some good ideas at The English Stamp Company, where you can custom make what you need by experimenting from a range of designs!

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