Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy 2013!

It is so scary how fast the years pass and so true that it seems to go faster the older you get. When you sit thinking over things and remember how old you thought your Dad was on his 40th birthday back in 1987 and how young 40 really is now that you yourself have passed that landmark!  Or when you speak to your 19 year old son and mention that you were married in the 80's which are seriously the olden days! And when your home phone has been out of order for 5 days and the internet isn't therefore working and you start too feel like the Mayans must have been right and the world has come to an end - yet no internet existed when I was 19 and my parents remember a time when there was no such thing as a home phone!

I have seen huge technological advancements in my lifetime which are nothing on those seen by my parents and grandparents generations yet life isn't quite what we expected when I was in high school and we imagined flying cars would be our norm as adults! 
What is very much the norm now and I must say a pleasurable norm is coffee shops whilst in town. And today I've managed Starbucks and Nero! If I popped to Costa I could make it a hat trick! And a coffee crawl to boot! 

I'd just like to wish you a happy happy year in 2013. If you're a crafting friend, I hope it's an inspiration filled one at that! And if you've never been there I am letting you know that Pinterest is seriously bad for your time management so avoid it at all costs! 

Bye for now! 

Karen x

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  1. Happy New Year Karen....mmmmm a Nero's Latte scrummy. See you at crop tomorrow.